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About TwitchTurtle

TwitchTurtle is a streamlabs-integration system, which lets you accept tips while streaming with TurtleCoin, a fast, easy and private cryptocurrency.

TwitchTurtle is reliable, easy to setup, and grants you more control on your donations. Tips show up faster, and fees are much less than other methods.
That means you, as the streamer, get more of your donation, and you as the donator, get to give your favorite streamer more of your generous gift.

Some of the main features include:

  • Fast: Donations confirm within 30 seconds

  • Simple: Very painless to setup

  • Secure: Only you can access your donations

  • Irrevertible: Tips once made and received cannot be revoked

It takes only a few minutes to setup and is fee-less. For more, see the Getting Started Guide