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Using TwitchTurtle as a Donator

Tipping a Streamer

Tipping a streamer with TwitchTurtle is an easy and painless process:

  1. Go to your streamer's page:

    Note: If the streamer has not signed up for, then an error message will appear. If this is the case, then your TRTLs WILL NOT go anywhere. Consider mentioning TwitchTurtle to the streamer!

    not signed up

  2. After doing so, enter a name and a message

    Note: Both of these are optional, but it is recommended you include them both.

    ttv page

  3. After that, you will be given an address to send TRTL to.

    address to tip

  4. Then, open up your TurtleCoin wallet, and send however much you'd like to send to the given address.

That's it! Your funds are now on their way to the streamer's address and will show up promptly on their stream, if configured.